The Documentary Film “Sığınmak” Met the Audience

Istanbul University Academic Members and Students Participated to the 53rd International Antalya Film Festival with a Short Documentary Named “Sığınmak”

The 53rd International Antalya Film Festival was held between 16-23 October 2016 hosted by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. 134 worthy films were shown during the festival. Interviews, workshops and art activities got great interest in the festival.

Istanbul University academic members and students participated to the 53rd International Antalya Film Festival with a short documentary named “Sığınmak”. The cinematography directors of the documentary whose directors are Prof. Dr. Ergün Yolcu, who is IU Faculty of Communication Vice Dean and the head of the department of Radio-Tv and Film, and IU Faculty of Communication Assoc. Prof. Özgü Yolcu are Asst. Prof. Ümit Sarı and Asst. Prof. Onur Akyol.

The short film was screened under the theme of “People of Nowhere” at the Antalya Film Festival at 22nd October.

The screening of “Sığınmak” attracted people such as Elif Dağdeviren who is the Festival Director, Haydar Şişman who is a Golden Orange Award winner actor, actor Gürgen Öz, Mesut Gengeç who is this year’s Golden Orange Award winner for the best documentary, Mehmet Öztürk who is the director of “Defnenin Bir Mevsimi” and a wide audience. After the screening, directors Prof. Dr. Ergün Yolcu and Assoc. Prof. Özgü Yolcu answered audience questions in a Q&A session.

“The Film Introduces us to the Story of Syrian Women”

The film “Sığınmak” that was made by the faculty members and students of Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, introduces us to the story of Syrian women who had to leave their country and take refuge in Turkey in the last 5 years. We witness them starting a new life in a country the language of which they do not know while having to stay away from their own country and not being able to stop the bloodshed. Is this humanitarian plight so far away from those who happily live in their own country that they are not concerned with the tragedies going on? Even though the wars are taking place in the other part of the world, the migration that they bring about brings the misery and sufferings very close to us. In the globalized world we live in, it is not that hard to empathize with their sufferings when there is a fight for supremacy going on in every part of the world.

It is the Second Film of the Festival Academy

Last year, in the 52nd International Antalya Film Festival, Istanbul University’s faculty members and students were awarded with the Social Responsibility Prize for their film “I am on a Long and Narrow Path”.

Festival Academy was established to convey the energy and excitement of the International Antalya Film Festival to the future film makers, to include the youth into the festival as ‘producers’, and to contribute to their education by introducing them to the prominent figures in the film industry. The Festival Academy, that started with the subject of “Taking a Fresh Look at Education” last year, used the subject of “People of Nowhere” this year.

Translated by: Irem YAŞAR and Eda AYDEMIR

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