Istanbul Unıversıty filled our country with pride upon making in to the ‘Top 500 Unıversities of the World’ 11th in 404th rank. Istanbul University is the only Turkish university that can get in ‘Top 500 Unıversities of the World’ list for last 11 years.

Jiao Tong University in Shangai, China which is accepted as one of the most effective authorities in higher education field, made the annual “Top 500 Unıversities of the World” list public. Istanbul University as the only university from Turkey made to 404th rank. By getting into the world’s best 11th time, Istanbul University announced Turkish universities’ name in high education field once more.

Istanbul University got the ranks in order of; Score on alumni 77, awards 158, SSCI and SSC publishment score (PUP) 305, score on PCP 348. In total, Istanbul University occupied mostly in 400-500th ranks.

Especially rise in the scientific publication and publishing per lecturer is the product of the scientific and academic studies that Istanbul University has carried out consistently. Lecturers, who succeeded on significant studies in the free-science environment of our university, also published lots of articles in highly effective international journals.

 “This Success Belongs To All Of Us”

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, upon noting that Istanbul University ranks in among the best in both national and international  rankings, said about this achievement ‘ Istanbul University owes its success to discipline, programming and science-centered working. We, as the Istanbul University, are giving our informations to 9 ranking corporations; they make their lists considering different indicators in different fields. All of them are prestigious corporations. We are following and taking all of them in consideration. IU is a university that cares for scientific and academic studies, social responsibility projects, internationalization, and innovative thoughts and has lots of graduates. Istanbul University represents our country ideally. This success belongs to all of us. We gave the lecturers a free searching environment and the scientific and academic researches full support, and we will continue to do so.

I congratulate the succeeded lecturers, our personnel who support them and our students who are the motivation source of all these studies. ‘

We Made to Get In the List 11th Time

With its student-centered works of Istanbul University which hosts a big change and transformation, has proven its succeed also  with the international honor.  On the gradation of the best 500 universities of the world byJiao Tong University, Istanbul University takes its place in 2005 ,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and keeps its success with being in the list in 2015 too. Istanbul University score a historic victory with being the only university in Turkey which has been in the World’s Top 500 universities ranking list for the 11th time. With the its increasing knowledge and experience, Istanbul University continues to contribute to world of science, culture and art at the point of the community service,  since its establishment in 1453

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