IU SOCRAT Won The Third Place In Japan

Istanbul University Solar Car Team SOCRAT, won the third place upon completing 54th tour in 5-hour “JAF-Solar Car Race Suzuka 2016 Dream Class” competition which was held in Japan on August 5,2016.

Among the world’s oldest and the prestigious solar car competitions JAF-Solar Car Race Suzuka 2016, was held in Japan’s city Suzuka with the contribution of International Automobile Federation (FIA). Including all ranks, over 50 teams struggled for championship on this competition in which high school and university teams took place.

IU SOCRAT, which competed with the 6-person team, happened to be the first team that represented our country in Japan up to the present.

Coming back from Abu Dhabi wining the 4th place in a worldwide race IU SOCRAT, lastly have been  Turkey Champion, won the first place TUBITAK Alternative Energized Car Races Electromobile 2015 and also last month finished “Youth For Future”, which was the Turkey’s first long-distance solar powered car race held in Eskisehir, in the first place.

What is JAF-Solar Car Race Suzuka?

JAF-Solar Car Race Suzuka is the most prestigious international solar car race which is held in Japan. The race that had been arranged in 1992 for the first time, celebrating the 25th year today. The race which was held in Japan’s popular racing circuit Szuka Circuit, included 5 categories comprised of Olympia, Dream, Challenge and Enjoy I/II. The categories Enjoy I/ll were carried out as 4-hour; the categories Olympia, Dream and Challenge were carried out as 5-hour circuit race.

Our country and university representative, competed in the Dream team which included challenging teams and be the most successful rank in the race.

IU Socrat’s Accomplıshements

2015 TUBITAK Electromobile Turkey Champion

2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge 4th Place Worldwide

2013 TUBITAK Formula-G 2th Place

2012 TUBITAK Formula-G Turkey Champion

2011 World Solar Challenge 8th Place Worldwide

2011 TUBITAK Formula-G Turkey Champion

2011 TUBITAK Formula-G Best Design Award

2010 TUBITAK Formula-G Turkey Champion

2009 TUBlTAK Formula-G Turkey Champion

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