IU Ali Nihat Gökyiğit Restoration And Conservation Studio Was Opened

The opening ceremony of IU Ali Nihat Gokyiğit Restoration and Conservation Studio, which has been established to protect the works of IU Rare Books Library collection and to improve the possible works, was held on 18th March 2016 in IU Rare Books Library.

The Rare Books Library is a Registry of Our Being an Established University”

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak implied that ‘We are proud of this building which has very precious works. Our university is based on Darulfunun (Ottoman University). Therefore, this place is Darulfunun library. Since, it is a state university, we have more than 1.5 million works in the central library. This is a gratification for us. However, we have also 90 thousands works in this building of our university. An important part of these works are the works of Darulfunun Library. They are enhanced later by the works which have been brought from Yıldız Technical University.’  by saying he sees IU Rare Books Library as a registry of being an established university in the speech he gave at the opening ceremony.

Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, who implies that the first duty of librarianship is protecting books and handing down them, indicated as ‘Our university had its share from our country’s development and it gained a quality which can be reached to the next generations proudly and securely after a good restoration. This library deserves a great deal of attention. I would like to express my thanks to Ali Nihat Gokyigit, who supports us to open the studio, and Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy, who conduces us to meet our precious gentleman.’

I am Attached Fondly to the Rare Books Library”

Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy, who has made consultancy since Ali Nihat Gokyigit Restoration and Conservation Studio’s establishment, said that ‘I am in the library since I am 20. I am a continuous reader since this time. I am attached fondly to here. To open this studio, we have required rectors that can understand it. Our rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak has believed it and hasn’t denied his support. We have reached the chance to open this studio with the significant support of Ali Nihat Gokyigit.’ in her speech.

Doing Charity to Right Place is Important”

The Member of Board of Tekfen Company Ali Nihat Gokyigit said that: ‘Actually, I came here today to express my debt of gratitude. Giving of my name to this studio that is established for protection of precious books is very elating. However, I am embarrassed, as well. Doing charity is not a difficult duty, but doing it to right place is really important. Restoration works are important to hand down precious works. I would like to express my thanks to the Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak and Prof. Dr. Nuran Atasoy and all the others contributing for their efforts and also because of the fact that they conduce me to experience this proud.’

We Will Do Conservation Works in a Good Way”

IU President of Head of University Library Dr. Pervin Bezirci said there were a lot of priceless, rare works in the Rare Books Library in her speech. She added that ‘There are a lot of projects which are run with the purpose of contributing to world heritage, improving dialogs between cultures, handing down our cultural heritage and increasing accessibility of works. The rare works will be accessible 7/24 on electronic media, within these projects, after completion of programming which is carried by IU Information Technologies Department. Our target is Istanbul University rare works’ handing down. It has been decided that in order to protect these works in a good way, a studio is necessary.  In terms of art history, the protection of millions of miniatures and ornaments which are found in the handwritten manuscripts at IU Rare Books Library is an important and a primary matter. Since dye wearing is a silent but a serious issue, repainting of the dyes of these miniatures which are very precious in these works and works of art one by one is very important for maintainability and protection of originality and it is a necessary implementation. We will do the conservation works of these precious miniatures and ornaments in a better way in IU Rare Books Library Ali Nihat Gokyigit Restoration and Conversation Studio.’

After the opening speech, IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak looked round the studio by cutting the opening ribbon with Ali Nihat Gokyigit, Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy and Dr. Pervin Bezirci.

Ali Nihat Gokyigit Restoration and Conservation Studio was established with the supports of IU Rector, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, the contributions of the Chairman of board of Tekfen Holding, Ali Nihat Gokyigit and consultancy of Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy in the building of IU Rare Books Library. The studio which was started in June 2014 has all the equipments that are necessary in a professional restoration and conservation studio. In the studio, some precious and worn handwritten manuscripts will be able to be protected by being restored, the catalog records of the works will be made by digitalizing and technical reading and the accessibility on automation will be provided.

Translator: Irem Yasar

IU Press and Public Relations Department


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