IU Academic Member Assoc. Dr. Emrehan İnal Received the Scientific Study Prize

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) 9th Traditional Consumer Prize Ceremony arranged by Department of Constabulary was held on 15 March 2016 in Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall. In the ceremony, an academic member of IU Law Department, Assoc. Dr. Emrehan İnal, was considered worthy of the Scientific Study Prize.

At the ceremony, institutions and organizations working for consumer rights and conscious consumers, firms which give importance to consumer satisfaction, and scientific study owners were rewarded. Several rewards were given to those who ranked in categories such as “Consumer Special”, “Scientific Study”, “Radio-Television Programme”, “Firms Adopting Consumer Satisfaction as a Principle” and “Conscious Consumer”. Moreover, in the ceremony, Consumer Special Prize was given to Gazi Osman Paşa Consumer Rights and Employment Office, Radio-Television Programme Prize was given to ATV Prime News, Firms Adopting Consumer Satisfaction as a Principle Prize was given to Torku and LC Waikiki and Printed Media Consumer Prize was given to Kemal Ertuğrul Öztürk from Milat News, and Conscious Consumer Prize given to Bora Enis Tuğlu.

“We Aim to Oppose Ill Gotten Gains and Injustice”

Speaking at the ceremony, IBB General Secretary Hayri Maraşlı said that the constabularies work heartily to protect consumers from being deceived with broken and faulty products.

Ministry of Customs and Trade Consumer Protection Market Surveillance and Inspection Vice Manager Avni Dilber told about the serious works in order to maintain respect to the customer and developing a shopping culture.

In addition to this, IBB Constabularies Head of Department Tayfun Karali mentioned history of Customer Constabulary Directorship, and informed us about the projects they intend to accomplish in the following years.

“I Draw, I Know My Rights”

IBB Department of Constabularies organized a caricature competition between high schools and secondary schools named “I Draw, I Know My Rights” in cooperation with Provincial Directorate for National Education of Istanbul so as to raise awareness on consumer rights in the youth. And the students whose works are found worthy of note are awarded. Laptops are given to those who came first in the competition, cameras for those who came second and bicycles and various gifts for those who came third.

Translators: Zeynep ÇELEBİ-Merve Ceren EROĞLU

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