Two Renewed Departments Had Been Opened in IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine

IU Faculty of Medicine Renewed Department of Pediatric Surgery and Newborn Intensive Care Unit’s opening ceremony was carried out on February 23rd Tuesday. Opening speeches of the ceremony were made by head of IU Department of Pediatric Surgery Prof. Dr. Haluk Emir, dean of IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Alaattin Duran, rector of IU 2009-2015 period Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet and rector of Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak.   In terms of laparoscopic and endoscopic attempts IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Surgery is one of the busiest instutions in our country.  In the Department of Pediatric Surgery in two wings there are 40 beds and in Newborn Intensive Care Unit there are 7 beds. The renewed departments will contribute many children to find healing who have treatments. “We Will Carry Our Children Into the Future Securely’’ Head of IU Department of Pediatric Surgery Prof. Dr. Haluk Emir says: ‘’ Until today we have been trying to maintain health services and education with the support of many people. I have always wanted to help to our clinic for another year. At that point, our paths crossed with Bozdoğan family. Thank to them they contributed without boundaries. I really thank to our donators İsmail Fevzi Bozdoğan and Çağrı Bozdoğan family for their support to carry our children into the future more securely and surely , behalf of my own clinic and the institution. Dean of IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Alaattin Duran said, ‘’ We are glad of this opening and we share this happiness in a beautiful day like this. In here I also thank to the donators and wish this new opening would be useful to us and everyone. I give my props to everyone. ‘’

“Old Buildings Destiny is Renovation’’ Rector of IU 2009-2015 period Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet said in his speech that ‘’ I have lived 35 years of my life with highest honour as a part of this clinic. Old buildings’ destiny is being often renovated. Sometimes the budget is not enough for it and then  those valuable donators step in. These donations of them will contribute to this clinic at least for 10 more years to provide service better. I hope every student who steps in this door goes out happily and every patient who goes out from this door go out thanking and praying for us. ‘’ “This Behaviour Can Be An Example” The Rector of Istanbul University  Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak thanked to Bozdoğan family for their contributions and said these: ‘’ Bozdoğan family’s contributions will never be forgotten. I am sure that this will lead many children to find cure. But more important thing is these behaviours will be an example for many people. These kind of donations support us to make scientific investigations which contribute to national and international fund of knowledge by producing solutions in an advanced level. I salute you with regards and love and I hope that this beauty will add beauties into the lives as well.  The opening cerenomy was finished after plaques were distributed to donators. Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine The Department of Pediatric Surgery, not only about education but also at health gives high level service to the patients who are domestic and from abroad. In a year about 1800 urgent and elective surgeries are carried out. In addition to this, services of general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and polyclinic service about pediatric urology are given to 12.000 children. In these polyclinics, faculty members work actively. Also studies about videourodynamics, anorectal manometry and spina bifida are done for special patient groups.
Reporter: Sibil GÜLÜSTANYAN

Translation: Bilge ATASEVER

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