The First Store Of IU Branded Products Are Opened

Being one of the most important projects that IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak has

planned, “Chain Stores that Sells IU Branded Products” is put into practice as it is

planned in 2015. The first store that sells products with IU logo on locates on the

entrance of IU Beyazıt Campus Historical Main Entrance.

Branded Products Sales Unit of İÜ Social Facilities that was planned to put into

practice in 2015 under the roof of İÜ Social Facilities is done.

On the sales unitb collection; besides the products like t-shirt, sweatshirt, bags,

thermosbottles, there are also accesorizes such as pen-usb, keyholders and such

accesorizes available. İÜ branded mugs are also included in the products that are

soon to be make it on the market. The products are especially attracting the attention

of the tourists and the students. The prices of the products that attracts people from

every age is differs between 3 and 52 Liras. With the products that are soon to be

added in the collection, the product diversity in Branded Products Sales Unit of İÜ

Social Facility will improve. Branded Products Sales Unit of İÜ Social Facility is open

between 8.30 am and 4 pm on week days.

“We Create Recognition Worldwide”

İÜ Assistant to Rector Responsible of Corporal Identity and İÜ Head of Press and

Public Relations Prof. Dr. Ergün Yolcu: In his statement about Branded Products

Sales Unit of İÜ Social Facility, he pointed out that the healthy communication inside

and outside target audience between universities are understood and improved day

by day.

Prof. Dr. Yolcu, stated that, “ We experience how big competition is occuring between

universities in terms of public relations and advertisement activities in the days on

Preferance and Introduction”Istanbul University continues to stand out with its name

with its succesful scientific activities and academic researches in national and

international allignments. But besides this, it is very important to use the benefits of

the main aspects of corporal identity and also the works on corporal identitiy. The

most important item of the corporal identity is the brand itself. Because of this the

brand works has a big importance on making the corporal identity known. With this

project that we brought to life, Istanbul University spreads to the outside of its

physical borders. These products that attracts especially the tourists are helping us to

raise our recognition worldwide.”


IU Press And Public Relations


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