Our Directorate

Istanbul University, which is one of the most eminent educational institutions in our country and Europe, aims at maintaining its pioneering status and leading position with its dynamic and original pattern. Participatory and democratic administrative mentality dominating the 21st Century; continuing good relations with institutions at the level of local, national and international; providing constant flow of information by media institutions and values like to be clear and transparent in relations with public, has enormously accelerated studies of press and public relations. With its team of specialists, directorate of press-public relations and publicity department, which is aware of this responsibility have the aim to transfer 555 years of scientific and cultural heritage to large masses by renewing itself constantly in the direction of today’s needs.

Our Ultimate Principles;


-As employees of our directorate, to make no concession on secular, democratic and modern republic, Ataturk’s Principles and Reforms; to fulfil social responsibilities on taken decisions and finished works by protecting the common good;

-Managing a democratic and participant course on decision making processes by including related people and units;

-Making no concession on efficiency and quality in use of the sources;

-Running our works in team spirit, with devotion and as fit in codes of conduct;

-Keeping internal and external relations on the basis of mutual respect;

-Sharing information with all the units of university by creating a quick communication network among them.

Our Mission,

-Our mission is to organize relations with press and public relation works; to ensure the right to use information for citizens, to make media follow-up within the context of total quality management philosophy by focusing on the students, academic members and their assistants, administrative staffuniversity administrators, student’s families and graduates as the inner target group in our university and by focusing on people of Istanbul and all of Turkey, other educational institutions, the central organization that  university is interconnected with, media institutions, associations and professional organizations, local administrations and public and private institutions which operate within the fields in which our university provides education as the outer target group.

Our Vision,

-Our vision is to form a public relations organisation which will be a determining factor and a transmitter of the culture of Istanbul University in accordance with target its group, to support long-term total-quality management, to assess and evaluate, plan for a high quality administrative process with the participation of all the components in the administration of our university.

-Since February 2007, the strategy of Press and Public Relations Department has been rearranged  and has evolved to be a department which is quality-oriented, process-oriented, which makes decisions  by using real statistics, provides perpetual development, manages with targets, performs participatory management and teamwork and has a preventive and cautious approach.

-By taking total quality management into consideration, Press and Public Relations Department has classified its target group under two basic headings. In order to choose the communicative environment, create messages and receive feedback properly and clear, it is vital to know the features of the groups selected as target parties in public relations practises.


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