General Activities

Our directorate has two basic functions: in addition to the internal duties  which are carried out with the purpose of providing coordination and communication between  the units of our university, it also has external duties such as informing people accurately and flawlessly about our university, its various studies and its activities


Its studies mainly consist of important tasks and responsibilities such as publicity, data collection for strategic decisions of the administration, arranging social and cultural activities and making members of our university internalize the aims. In this sense, our directorate fulfills these duties;


-Keeping up-to-date with the news regarding our university, The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the agenda which appear in the national media/ press and archiving the related news;

-Organizing activities such as panel discussions, symposiums, meetings and conferences planned by our rectorship and its units;

-Arranging artistic and cultural activities which carry the purpose of creating an awereness of ‘being a member of Istanbul University’, and ensuring participation of the members of our university in these activities;

-Carrying out the necessary correspondence and arrangement in order to organize the participation of the members of our university in artistic and cultural activities on agenda.

-Preparing press bulletins with the purpose of announcing cultural and artistic activities on agenda to the members of our university and  announcing new releases;

-Preparing presentation materials like catalogs, brochures, presentation CDs used in the publicity of our university.

-Participating in publicity fairs arranged for conveying the accurate information about our university and its units, organizing travel programmes of high schools and college preparatory courses.

-Dealing with constructions and buildings  which  belong to our university;

-Providing booths and banners aimed at our students;

-Announcing activities such as panel discussions, symposiums, meetings and conferences arranged by our university or other institutions;


-Providing consultancy service to the individuals who want to get information about our university abroad and arranging little trips around our university for visitors.

-Fulfilling tasks like serving as an “Information Unit”  which is  an essential component of a democratic and transparent administration.




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